In the words of N (Age 10) December 2019

“It’s class gift time again! It always makes me so happy to help choose, wrap and address the gift for my class every year with Mum! I gave them out yesterday so I can post without spoiling the surprise! This year’s gift is my favourite by far!

The game we chose, #sussedgame is all about exploring how well your friends and family know you (and how well you know them!) by trying to guess and work out what they would choose from different scenarios with three possible answers. The questions are varied and fun with lots of different topics, both real and imaginary!

When we tested this at home as a gift for class, we laughed so much and had so many strange conversations that we knew it had to be this year’s gift! It comes with 55 cards, a scoring pad and the game can last as long or as short as you want it to.

We gave out two different packs to the class so that friends could get together and play each other’s packs for double the fun! We also really loved that fact that 10% of our purchase goes to a mental health charity! Also, thank you Mark at @sussedthegame for getting our delivery to us to quickly!”

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